Action : Blockade of the Shell Shareholders Meeting

19.05 2020 / - - -
Circustheater Scheveningen - 4, Circusstraat - Den Haag, 2586 CW Nederland


With a mass action we will block, dis­rupt and can­cel the Shell sha­re­hol­ders mee­ting (the Shell AGM). We are buil­ding a great move­ment to dis­mantle Shell, by any poli­ti­cal, legal and eco­no­mic means neces­sa­ry and this mass action is part of that. Block Shell for cli­mate jus­tice !

We call for a just tran­si­tion for wor­kers ; repa­ra­tions for impac­ted com­mu­ni­ties and eco­sys­tems and a decen­tra­li­sed and socia­li­sed ener­gy demo­cra­cy for all.

It’s time to make Shell his­to­ry.

Let’s go.