Homografía | Homography ::: video + performance festival

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Homo­grafía / Homo­gra­phy is a video & per­for­mance fes­ti­val that takes a close look at the various non-nor­ma­tive repre­sen­ta­tions asso­cia­ted with sexual dis­si­dence. It’s a pro­gramme of high­ly sug­ges­tive visual com­po­si­tions, cine­ma­to­gra­phic poe­try, ins­tal­la­tions, and per­for­mances that evoke iden­ti­ty, gen­der, and the rela­tion­ship bet­ween body and artis­tic expres­sion.
Crea­ted and taking place in Mexi­co since 2015, H.H. lands in Brus­sels for the second time after a hot debut in 2019. The festival’s sixth edi­tion will take over Le Tri Pos­tal at Gare du Midi on 9 and 10 Octo­ber. Visi­tors will have the chance to dive into 8 live per­for­mances, an exhi­bi­tion with works of 12 artists, and 57 short films from all over the queer pla­net !
Join us in explo­ring the diverse expres­sions of non-confor­ming mas­cu­li­ni­ty, voyeu­rism, exhi­bi­tio­nism, and dres­sing the body in art as ways to ques­tion tra­di­tio­nal cultu­ral values.

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