Culture in Crisis, Crisis in Culture” #3

08.09 2020 / 20h - 21h30
Évènement en ligne - via Zoom & Facebook

Join us for an online dis­cus­sion with Samia Hala­by (artist and scho­lar), San­di Hilal (archi­tect, artist and edu­ca­tor)Samah Hija­wi (artist and resear­cher), and Kamal Alja­fa­ri (film­ma­ker) on pos­si­bi­li­ties for the future, post-COVID-19 arts scene from a local and inter­na­tio­nal perspective. 


Mode­ra­tor : Yazid Ana­ni, direc­tor of Public Pro­gramme, A.M. Qat­tan Foundation

At the begin­ning of the Covid-19 cri­sis, Arund­ha­ti Roy des­cri­bed the pan­de­mic as “a por­tal, a gate­way bet­ween one world and the next.” As huma­ni­ty took a pause, mour­ned, reflec­ted, rose up, and resis­ted, we found our­selves not only wai­ting but also figh­ting for a new world to emerge. What are the roles of art and cultu­ral ins­ti­tu­tions in this moment of glo­bal crisis ?

The pan­de­mic and resul­ting eco­no­mic condi­tions present an uncer­tain future yet also create the oppor­tu­ni­ty to carve out a more sus­tai­nable envi­ron­ment for both artists and ins­ti­tu­tions. Beyond their enter­tain­ment and consu­me­rist roles, can the arts and culture devise alter­na­tive poli­ti­cal ideas — adopt and incor­po­rate ideals that are social­ly enga­ged and res­pon­sible, eco-cen­te­red, (self)-critical, col­la­bo­ra­tive, peda­go­gi­cal, dyna­mic, and finan­cial­ly sus­tai­nable ? What can we learn from each other, and how can we bet­ter work toge­ther ? Are new struc­tures of soli­da­ri­ty possible ?

Can we, through this cri­sis, devise alter­na­tive poli­ti­cal ideas and tools, deco­lo­nise our ins­ti­tu­tions and edu­ca­tion cur­ri­cu­la, and be active players and allies in anti-impe­ria­list and anti-racist move­ments ? How can art and culture engage and ope­rate as effec­tive tools to incite radi­cal and posi­tive change ?

Tues­day, Sep­tem­ber 8

7 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. (Pales­tine time).

via Zoom and Facebook

English trans­la­tion available