Docu, talk, workshop & party : Music as a weapon of dekolonisation

04.03 2016 /
20h La Tricoterie. 158 Rue Théodore Verhaegen, 1060 Bruxelles

Music as a wea­pon of deko­lo­ni­sa­tion : The diver­si­ty of Luso­phone music.
Docu, talk & workshop

Ven­dre­di 4 mars

20h La Tri­co­te­rie. 158 Rue Théo­dore Verhae­gen, 1060 Bruxelles

We are very hap­py to announce that for our third anni­ver­sa­ry we will screen a unique docu­men­ta­ry on Luso­phone music. A docu made almost 30 years ago which focuses on music from Cape Verde. The docu will be fol­lo­wed by a talk and workshop.

Docu­men­taire : Alma ta fika (May the soul remain) 

The soul is the music of Cape Verde, the extra­or­di­na­ri­ly rich and varied music of these seven islands lost in the middle of the Atlan­tic Ocean. Against the constant droughts the people have fought back by inven­ting and mixing all sorts of music, popu­lar and eru­dite. For the first time this docu­men­ta­ry fol­lows this sto­ry. We can lis­ten to the mor­na, the cala­dei­ra, the batuque, the funaná, played in the most beau­ti­ful sce­ne­ries you can dream of. Fil­med in 16mm, this res­to­red docu­men­ta­ry is still the only one on the sub­ject with the bonus of the first appea­rance of Cesa­ria Evo­ra on screen.

Joåo Sodré – Cape Verde – 1989 — Sub­titles in English

Talk with Celeste/Mariposa

Lis­bon based Celeste/Mariposa star­ted out in 2009 as a DJ duo focus­sing exclu­si­ve­ly on Luso­phone Afri­can Music from the 60s until today. This see­med quite an absurd pro­ject at the time, but there was a point to be made : Des­pite Por­tu­gal’s deep Afri­can past, Luso­phone Afri­can Music was still almost com­ple­te­ly igno­red within the local urban culture, Most of these records are still com­ple­te­ly unheard of in wes­tern culture. Fast for­ward to 2015 and Celeste/Mariposa have become a force to be recko­ned with, tire­less­ly sup­por­ting and relea­sing contem­po­ra­ry Luso-Afri­can bands from the Lis­bon area as an ins­pi­red label, fil­ming a docu­men­ta­ry about the Lis­bon – Afri­ca musi­cal connec­tions, and ofcourse, set­ting dan­ce­floors ablaze with the sounds of the most awe­some record col­lec­tions from the 5 ex-Por­tu­guese colo­nies in Afri­ca : Ango­la, Cabo Verde, Guine-Bis­sau, Mozam­bique, and São Tomé and Príncipe !

Work­shop dance

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20.00 Docu

21.20 Talk

22.00 Work­shop

23.00 Par­ty

Entrance is 5 euro for all the activities !

Be on time please.

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