Webinar Series : Understanding Apartheid, Moving to Freedom, Justice and Equality

01.10 2020 / 18h - 19h
Évènement en ligne - via Zoom et via facebook


Since its foun­da­tion, Israel has built and main­tai­ned a sys­tem of ins­ti­tu­tio­na­li­sed racist dis­cri­mi­na­tion against all parts of the Pales­ti­nian people, whe­ther living under occu­pa­tion, in Israel, or as refu­gees and exiles. 

The semi­nal Uni­ted Nations report by Richard Falk and Vir­gi­nia Tilley in 2017 clear­ly laid this out, contri­bu­ting to a shift in dis­course. Israel’s pas­sage of the nation state law, fol­lo­wed by its publi­cly sta­ted aim of annexing at least 30% of the West Bank – fol­lo­wing its ille­gal annexa­tion of East Jeru­sa­lem and the Syrian Golan Heights – has fur­ther expo­sed its apar­theid reality. 

The ques­tion for the move­ment for Pales­ti­nian rights is how to tran­si­tion from the ugli­ness of the present day to a future of free­dom, jus­tice and equa­li­ty ? What would this look like on the ground, irres­pec­tive of poli­ti­cal frameworks ?

This week­ly series of webi­nars throu­ghout Octo­ber will tackle – but also go beyond – the way in which Israel’s prac­tices meet the defi­ni­tion of apar­theid under inter­na­tio­nal law and their effect on Pales­ti­nians in all areas of their lives. Each spea­ker will be chal­len­ged not just to set out the past and present but also to out­line ways to get from the present to a bet­ter future.

Thurs­day Octo­ber 1st / 6pm / Apar­theid within Israel : Sami Abu She­ha­deh, Pales­ti­nian mem­ber of the Knes­set for the Joint List. Saw­san Zaher, Lawyer and Direc­tor of Social and Eco­no­mic Rights Unit at Ada­lah – The Legal Cen­ter for Arab Mino­ri­ty Rights in Israel. 

Thurs­day Octo­ber 8th / 6pm / Apar­theid in the Occu­pied Ter­ri­to­ry : Dia­na But­tu, Pales­ti­nian-Cana­dian Lawyer and renow­ned ana­lyst. Yara Hara­wi, Poli­cy Fel­low at al-Sha­ba­ka – the Pales­ti­nian poli­cy network. 

Thurs­day Octo­ber 15th / 6pm / Apar­theid in Exile : Saro­na Bed­wan, wri­ter & works in edu­ca­tio­nal outreach at Makan. Lub­nah Sho­ma­li, Advo­ca­cy Unit Mana­ger BADIL Resource for Pales­ti­nian Resi­den­cy & Refu­gee Rights

Thurs­day Octo­ber 22nd / 6pm /The Move­ment for Pales­ti­nian Rights : Set­ting the Agen­da – Moving to Free­dom : Hazem Jam­joum, poli­cy mem­ber of Al Sha­ba­ka : The Pales­ti­nian Poli­cy Net­work. Mar­wa Fataf­ta, Pales­ti­nian wri­ter, resear­cher and poli­cy ana­lyst based in Berlin.

TICKETS : https://bit.ly/LivedApartheid